The Beast Is Back

The Beast Is Back

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Marshawn Lynch

To many football fans, there is no worse feeling than seeing one of your favorite players hang up the cleats for good. I’m sure every Seattle Seahawks fan knows what I’m talking about. Marshawn Lynch “Beast Mode” announced his retirement two seasons ago and shocked the NFL world. A young healthy, talented athlete who retired in the middle of his prime some would say. It just didn’t make sense.

This being said, worry no more football fans because Beast Mode will be back on the gridiron for the 2017 season. Now before Seattle fans get too excited, unfortunately he will not be sporting the blue and green this season. Instead he will be taking the field with the Oakland Raiders. Mixing his brute force running, with the QB skills of a healthy Derek Carr is sure to strike fear into the hearts of defensive players across the league.

This move will drastically open the Raiders playbook to more play action routes as well as screen passes. With more confidence in the backfield, they will be able to take longer shots downfield without having to worry about making the first down marker. We should see a lot more of Derek Carr’s arm this season provided he stays healthy. It is yet to be revealed whether Lynch will start over Murray, but one can speculate that he will get his fair share of reps this season. After all you don’t spend 16.5 million dollars for a proven running back to ride the bench. My gut tells me that Murray will start the season but Marshawn will eventually take first place on the depth chart. This being said look at the steelers. They have two incredible backs that are interchangeable. This too can be a huge asset to a football team in regards to a larger variety of formations. It would be wise for Oakland to adopt this type of play.

The outcome of this major development can not be known until the Raiders actually take the field this season. But one thing is certain, it will be Epic!

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