Old Rivals New Chapter

Old Rivals New Chapter

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To most NBA fans delight, the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriors will face off for the NBA championship. Steph Curry will look to take the title from the current KIng and possibly greatest player since Kobe. This series will be nothing short of entertaining and almost certain to go to game 7.

While all of the attention is on Lebron, Kyrie Irving has been absolutely dominating opponents in the playoffs. I have never seen somebody play with that much intensity since Russell Westbrook and we are sure to see more from him in coming games. He can not only shoot from behind the arc, but his moves to get in deep are absolutely astounding to watch.

So the most important question, is it enough to beat the absolutely incredible accuracy of the Golden state shooters? This will truly be a battle of brains and brawn that will go down in the history books. Who will defend against Lebron and his gargantuan frame? The answer is nobody…effectively at least. Not one player on Golden State can square up with Lebron and come out victorious. The reason being, he is just to damn big! Once he gets momentum to carry him to the basket, you might as well just let him walk in. This is where the Warriors will have to use brains to beat goliath. They need to setup up plays which keep Lebron out of the key and Kyrie from shooting outside it. This is the only way they will take down the reigning king.

The Warriors will need every ounce of Curries shooting skill as well as Thompson’s accuracy and athleticism to stand up to the Cavaliers. Can Golden State overcome their biggest challenges to dethrone the king? will Lebron raise the trophy in his hometown once again? And will Curry play another season if he does come out victorious? All of these questions are sure to be answered next series.



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