King Of The Ring

King Of The Ring

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Floyd Mayweather

In possibly the biggest sports story out there to date, two of the greatest warriors of our time are planning to unleash havoc on the boxing world. Although the deal is not finalized, there is little doubt the Floyd “money” Mayweather will fail to agree to the terms of this monster debut. I think I speak for all boxing fans when I say bring it on!


After his huge win against Manny Pacquiao, it seemed that Mayweather would never fight again. That was before Conor Mcgregor assured the MMA and boxing worlds that he was the greatest stand up fighter of all time. This of course did not sit well with the 49-0 champ and so began the road to the most anticipated fight since Tyson and Ali.


The biggest question of course, is who has the upper hand in this fight? Well for that we have to dive into the shear mechanics of both fighters. Conor has definitely got a stronger punch. Ask any of his MMA opponents and they will assure you that a Mcgregor punch feels like a frieght train from hell. This may not be an issue for Mayweather though, as he is very fast and elusive, you can’t hit what you can’t see as the saying goes. In 49 fights, he has never been knocked out or even knocked down. This is truly an amazing feat in boxing. This being said, history shows that Mayweather does struggle against southpaw fighters (left hand forward), which gives Mcgregor a slight advantage. Since he is stepping into Floyd’s backyard, he will need every advantage he can get. In fact Conor has stated that he has put his MMA career on hold completely, and is focusing solely on this fight alone. This should make for a truly exciting night for boxing fans everywhere.


No matter what happens, it is sure to be the fight of the century. With the two most notoriously smack talking fighters out there squaring off for what is assumed to be some serious money, we should all be in for a treat. I believe the entire boxing community is with me when I say “sign your half Floyd, lets see this thing!”

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